Much of Konrad's illustration work could be classified as cartoons, technical illustrations and caricatures. In this, the "Illustration" section, we tried to show only those that don't fall under the other 3 categories. Further below you will also find realistic illustrations.



Vector illustration

Wedding invite

Example of vector illustration

As an illustrator, Konrad loves working on the small details.

This wedding invitation card was vector-illustrated, then printed on light cream card that had a subtle sparkle when held up to sunlight, giving the brown ink a bronze sheen.

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Digital paint & photo illustration

Oil crisis?

Example of illustration

The headline for this Rode's Retail Report edition read "Potential time bomb". Konrad and Rode's CEO, Erwin Rode, loved how this editorial illustration turned out.

The US occupation of Iraq had been going on for a while now, and an oil crisis was possibly looming. Konrad used digital finger paint to get that oily feel on the barrels, and kept the colours desert-like, sludge-like.

Commissioned by Rode & Associates Property Consultants.

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Comic-style illustration

Book: Martin Tudhope

Example of illustration"Welcome to the Martin Tudhope Show!" by Sarah Britten won a silver prize for her story of a bright middle-class teenage boy growing up in a family of women and his infatuation with a rich girl at school. Many of the humorous situations are easily identifiable with the readers' own experiences.

Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2002 (Silver).

Commissioned by Tafelberg Publishers.


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Example of sketchFor this Royce expo banner, Konrad didn't sit in the morgue, drawing a cadaver. The client, Medis Medical, who specialises in orthopaedics distribution, gave him a book on anatomy as reference. Sketching used to be Konrad's strong point, but he hadn't had a chance to do it professionally.




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Digital pastel illustration

Nature's Valley

Example of illustrationThe brochure this illustration was made for, was designed to advertise a personal growth project specifically aimed at recovering addicts in need of some introspection – a spiritual retreat.

The service involved a trip to Nature's Valley near Plettenberg Bay, known for its exquisite natural beauty and serenity. We tried to capture the essence of that valley and the calm the clients would experience during these outings.

The brochure was distributed at rehabs in South Africa.

Commissioned by Journeys in Self-Reflection.

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Pseudo-3D illustration

CBD Dawn

Example of vector 2D rendering

For this economics publication cover we illustrated an imaginary city centre occupied by insurance companies who stand to benefit from the news in the headline, "Cape Rates: Some Positive Signs." The sun's rising, there may be good news.

This was one of our first illustrations for Rode & Associates.

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Pseudo-3D illustration

Soccer 2010 logo

Example of 2D rendering

The Durbanville Wine Valley Association commissioned Konrad to create a logo for their festivities during the FIFA World Cup in South Africa during 2010.

He started with a Google Images Search, and found a nice, high res soccer ball that didn't seem to have copyright issues attached to it.

The football had another country's design on it, and so began the laborious process of removing the colours and correcting the resulting uneven shadows and highlights.

Konrad then splashed the South African flag on the ball by spherising the flag before pasting it over the ball.

Konrad decolourised existing vuvuzela images, added custom reflection and shadow and his own colours, and voila!

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Pseudo-3D illustration

Sad Smiley

Example of vector 2D rendering

For this retail economics publication cover we illustrated a large emoticon drifting in a grocery store, tears running from its cheeks.

It was a bad time for retailers, and sales were really down at the time.

Commissioned by Rode & Associates Property Consultants.

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Pseudo-3D illustration


Example of vector 2D rendering

For this property economics publication's cover, we simply illustrated hurdles (vector, then pixel), set at lowered height, to indicate, well, low hurdle rates.

The background shows all types of property affected – industrial, residential and shopping centres. This was more of a technical than conceptual exercise.

Konrad had Coetzenburg sport stadium in his mind when doing this job, from his days as a student at Stellenbosch University. There was this dam behind Coetzenburg where students could cool down from the blistering summer heat. Good memories.

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Example of illustration

This was a personal project of Konrad's circa 2000. The idea was to capture the essence of a very beautiful acquaintance of his in a fairy caricature, but rendered in Japanese comic book style a.k.a. manga.

All he had to go on, was her face in his memory, but because the nature of this style is not about accuracy, all he really needed to get right were her eyes, eye brows and hair, well, in a caricature kinda way.

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Digital paint & photo illustration

Book: The Waterbearer

Example of book cover illustration

This book by award-winning South African / British author Dianne Hofmeyr ended up being a pet project of Konrad's.

It's one of those books that are so rich in visual elements that your imagination goes wild. This "traditional media" illustration was created using a mouse – not paintbrushes or pen tablets.

The book was aimed at teenagers and young adults and published by Cape Town publishers Tafelberg.

MER Prize for Best Youth Publication winner 2002.

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Line art illustration

Medical centre brochure

Example of line art illustrationFor this brochure, Konrad created simple, vector based "felt pen"-style illustrations to represent themes such as addiction care and other disciplines.

Commissioned by Kenridge Medical Centre in Durbanville.





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Map illustration

Paarl Wine map

Example of illustrationPaarl Wine (Paarl Vintners) commissioned Konrad to illustrate a map explaining how to get to PW's member wine farms. Konrad particularly liked the golden, low set sun's reflections. Illustrating maps vs rendering them can make such a difference! It can make a map look attractive, even delicious, like you *want* to go there.




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Book: Karoo

Example of book cover illustration

"Op die Wye Oop Karoo", a collection of short stories by Abraham De Vries, a well-known South African writer, was published in 2002. The title translates as "On the Wide, Open Karoo". The Karoo is a large semi-desert area, a place with character.

The book cover illustration was absurd, reflecting the hilarious situations often described in the short stories. Design-wise, the colours and fonts were chosen for the retro feel it lent to the cover. De Vries' readers are characteristically of the older Afrikaans generation and the style reminds one of a time gone past.

Commissioned by Human & Rousseau Publishers.

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Digital paint illustration


Example of illustration

This editorial illustration (headline: "Power Shocks Property") was done for a property research publication, predicting that power outages and the rising price of electricity would have a negative impact on the property economy.

This was Konrad's first and so far, last attempt at using a pen tablet - those digital pens you draw with on a slab. Damn difficult to control, but in this case it was perfect. That jittery effect was precisely what Konrad wanted.

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Pseudo-3D illustration

Podium & crystal ball

Example of vector 3D rendering

Konrad started off this illustration as vector art, then pixelised and manipulated it by adding a wood pattern to the floor and podium.

Then the podium and floor were given perspective, Konrad then spherised the rendering of the houses, factory and skyscraper, and did a complex overlay of a spherical object also created from scratch.

All layers were then given different saturations and/or contrast to clarify their distance from the viewer, and eventually reflections and shadows were added.

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Pseudo-3D illustration

Falling cards

Example of 2D rendering

For this research publication cover, we searched for some high resolution or vector-based copyright-free images of cards, created a pyramid of them, gave them individual perspectives and added all the shadows manually.

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Pseudo-3D illustration

Air Con

Example of flat rendering

Rider Trade t/a Rox Leathers commissioned Konrad to render an air conditioner button (like the ones you find in a car) for a point-of-sale poster advertisement displaying RoX Leathers' latest accessory, the Airflo Jacket. Made for South African weather, the Airflo leather jacket was perforated to allow your skin to breathe under summer conditions.

Since we couldn't afford a professional photographer on the low budget available at the time, the poster had to be rendered (drawn) digitally, from scratch. No 3D programmes or plug-ins were used.

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What clients say:


Lynette Smit
Marketing manager, Rode & Associates

"A creative genius..."


Pieter De Waal
Sole proprietor, Hermit on the Hill

"A stickler for detail, Konrad appreciates the difference between good and great, and won't stop tweaking till the end-product meets his exacting standards.

His offbeat sense of humour, coupled with his ability to transform this into his designs, makes it a pleasure to brainstorm new concepts with him.

Konrad has been a key member in developing my brand, and I always look to him for inspiration and creativity."


Tania de Maine-Oosthuizen:
Manager, Tharagay Addictions Services

"We love his work, from initial ideas to final designs! What he has done for us, was simple, yet elegant, and purely beautiful".


Zeki Hilmi
Sole proprietor, Chelsea Village Framers and Antique Shoppe

"Konrad has this exceptional ability to develop illustrations.

We were so thrilled by the work he undertook for us that we employed Konrad to design our wedding invitation, which, through collaboration and Konrad's outstanding knowledge of graphic design, he designed for us exactly what we were looking for. All our guests commented and said, "what an amazing wedding invitation!"

I recommend Konrad to everybody and will use him in the future again."


Sanett Uys
Marketing manager, Colliers International (SA)

"The work Konrad did for us has been outstanding! His customer service is great and his creativity exceptional. He is willing to think out of the box and come up with new ideas, which we love."


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